Monday, January 29, 1979
Moved into the West Side YMCA at 63rd and Central Park West.  In spite of all the stories I've heard about sleazy people roaming the hallways, the place is actually nice.  Beautiful architecture (built in 1929).  I checked into room 1235.  Nice view of the park (the rest of the page is torn).

Sunday, March 11, 1979
Lazy Sunday.  I got up late and sauntered up Broadway to The Burger Factory for a breakfast special.  I had a slow and thoughtful breakfast.  I thought about my family and friends whom I have not seen for weeks.

After breakfast, I walked back down Broadway to Colony Records on 49th St.  I browsed for hours through the music books.  I wanted to get a good book of folk songs.  You know, the type that has a few pop tunes, a few spirituals, and a few folk songs.  I almost bought a book which contained Wabash Cannonball, so I could sing it for Dad, and my new niece, Erica.  However, I found the lyrics to be wrong.  I bought a 60 minute cassette, and left.

I spent some time trucking aroun in deserted midtown.  Sunday meloncholy.

I went to the Centerfold Coffeehouse early in the afternoon.  I set up some mics and spent the day singing to the domed ceiling while making tapes.  I'm working on fingerpicking Robert Johnson's "Rambling On My Mind".  Played it well.  The mix on the tape sucked.

Later in the evening, I played for the coffeehouse audience.  The set was received well.  Sounded good to me.

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